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A 12 minute cardio could gift you a disease-free life


Key points from article :

Short bursts of physical exercise induce changes in cardiometabolic, cardiovascular, and long-term health.

“...govern insulin resistance, oxidative stress, vascular reactivity, inflammation, and longevity” - Gregory Lewis, senior author.

Data from the levels of 588 circulating metabolites before and immediately after 12 minutes of vigorous exercise in 411 middle-aged men and women.

Detected favorable shifts for which resting levels were shown to be associated with cardiometabolic disease.

Glutamate, a key metabolite linked to heart disease, diabetes, and decreased longevity, fell by 29 percent.

DMGV, a metabolite associated with increased risk of diabetes and liver disease, dropped by 18 percent.

The study further found that metabolic responses may be modulated by person’s sex and body mass index.

Different metabolites tracked... reveal if a person is physically fit.

Research by Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) published in Circulation.

Metabolites in various disease pathways can be altered with a short cardio exercise

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Cardiologist and Medical Director, Heart Failure and Transplantation, Massachusetts General Hospital

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