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15% reduction in 10 year all-cause mortality with glucosamine supplementation


Key points from article :

Glucosamine was originally discovered during the 1960s;

It is one of the most commonly used supplements frequently taken to address joint pain.

It is a polysaccharide found naturally in cartilaginous joint tissues, bones, skin, ligaments, and nails.

Glucosamine is involved in protein and lipid synthesis.

Despite it being frequently taken for arthritis, the evidence for its effectiveness is limited.

Although, a randomized clinical trial in 2015 suggested it being anti-inflammatory.

New study links glucosamine supplementation with 15% lower all-cause mortality.

Also reduced mortality risks for cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, respiratory and digestive diseases.

Study included 495,077 women and men (average age 57) from the UK Biobank study.

Participants were followed up for 8-12 years.

The exact reasons for this correlation with the reduction of various mortality risks is as yet unknown.

Study by Southern Medical University, China, published in BMJ.

Based on almost half a million people this is a large prospective cohort study

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Southern Medical University
- Institution of higher learning in Guangzhou