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Virtual Networking Event: Ageing & Technology

Online meeting about healthy ageing and eldercare.


This meeting is part of the monthly networking event series for the European digital health community. December's theme is “Ageing & Technology”. Please register your interest on this site. We will contact you via linkedin (please accept our invitation to connect) to share a link to the ticketing site. These are "paid for" events. It will be held on December the 17th 2020.

The Panel:

Tina Woods: CEO, Collider Health
Steve Smith: VP, Doro Group
José Luis Cordeiro: VP, Humanity Plus

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See also: Company Digital Health Virtual Network (DHV-NET) - Fast and efficient networking for the European digital health community.

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Mentioned in this Resource

Company Representative

Engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist.

Company Representative

Vice President of Public Care at Doro Group.

Company Representative

CEO and Co-Founder, Longevity International. Author of Live Longer with AI.