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University of Minnesota Duluth

Public university in Duluth, Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) is a public university in Duluth, Minnesota. It is part of the University of Minnesota system and offers 17 bachelor's degrees in 89 majors, graduate programs in 24 different fields, and a two-year program at the School of Medicine and a four-year College of Pharmacy program.

The University of Minnesota Duluth integrates liberal education, research, creative activity, and public engagement and prepares students to thrive as lifelong learners and globally engaged citizens.

UMD will be agile in pursuing a dynamic future that builds upon our strengths and successfully confronts evolving challenges and opportunities. UMD will deliver an array of academic programs and student experiences that capitalize on our excellence and impact, as well as our scholarly strengths and external partnerships. In this way UMD will serve as a platform for success and achievement beyond graduation for students from all diverse and cultural backgrounds. By accomplishing this vision UMD assures that Minnesota has a highly qualified and innovative workforce to meet our future economic, environmental, social, and cultural challenges.

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Details last updated 25-Oct-2023

University of Minnesota Duluth News

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