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UK stem cell bank

Facilitates the use and sharing of quality controlled stem cell lines

Established in 2003, the UK Stem Cell Bank facilitates the use and sharing of quality-controlled stem cell lines to support scientific research and clinical development of stem cell therapies.

The work of the UK Stem Cell Bank covers three main areas:

    1. Banking- Acting as the sole public repository of all UK-derived human embryonic stem cell lines, holding over 180 stem cell lines and distributing research and clinical (European Union Tissue and Cells Directives, EUTCD) grade lines.
    2. Research- Undertaking research to improve the standardisation, quality and safety of human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-based products, collaborating with international partners to deliver projects supporting the development of stem cell therapies and developing WHO reference materials for Advanced Therapies.
    3. Regulation- Being active in the UK regenerative medicine infrastructure, providing support and advice on international best practice, policies and guidelines relating to stem cell use and regulation around the world.

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