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Tyler Irving

Science Writer and Communicator at the University of Toronto

My name is Tyler Irving and I am addicted to what Richard Feynman called “the pleasure of finding things out.”

For me, the only thing better than learning something new is sharing that joyful feeling of discovery with someone else. My career has essentially been an ongoing effort to find ways of getting paid for this.

I have a master’s degree in chemical engineering, and I have published one paper in a peer-reviewed journal. That doesn’t make me an expert on anything (except maybe algal bioreactors) but it was enough to give me a solid grounding in most basic science concepts, as well as a taste of how scientists think and spend their days.

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See also: Academia University of Toronto - Public research university located in Toronto

Articles written by Tyler Irving

Nanobot able to measure sub-cellular structures in live cells

University of Toronto - 13-Mar-2019

Used for research now, but technique could have clinical applications in future