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Tovah Wolf

Consultant Dietitian, Science Communication, Nutrition Counselor, Educator

Tovah has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for the past 11 years in clinical, research, teaching, community, and industry roles.

Her dissertation work was focused on nutritional and behavioral neuroscience approaches for chronic disease prevention. In addition to writing for LEAF, she is a business owner that offers consulting and telehealth services. 

Skills include the ability to provide high quality scientific information to different sectors and initiate and maintain relationships with key opinion leaders.

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See also: Institute (LEAF) - Supporting the development of biotechnologies focused on ending age-related diseases

Articles written by Tovah Wolf

Elevated blood pressure associated with cognitive decline in elderly (LEAF) - 25-May-2022

Cognitive decline, dementia, and mortality can be reduced by blood pressure control


Faster walking associated with longer telomeres, could improve health and lifespan (LEAF) - 11-May-2022

We know exercise keeps people healthier and this may be just one of the underlying mechanisms