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Tomorrow Bio

Founded by doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs to further biostasis science and provide a high quality cryopreservation

Start your journey to the future with our Complete Cryopreservation Program. Take your chance at a second life.

At Tomorrow Biostasis we offer the complete cryopreservation program in Europe so you can potentially be revived in the future to live an extended life. Our focus is on advancement and education in the space of medical biostasis.

As the fastest growing cryopreservation company in the world and with over 150 members, our aim is to build a world where people can choose how long they want to live.

We are optimistic about the future, the development of technology, and - most importantly - life. Our team is young and driven, consisting of doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow Bio Executive Team

  • Emil Kendziorra, CEO and Co-founder
  • Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, COO and Co-founder

Tomorrow Bio Medical Team

  •  Irishikesh Santhosh, Standby Surgery & Medical Research

Note: originally called Tomorrow Biostasis.

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Details last updated 07-Oct-2022

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Emil Kendziorra

Doctor. Entrepreneur. Revolutionized Medicine. Chairman Of The Board at EBF

Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro

COO and Co-founder of Tomorrow Biostatis

Irishikesh Santhosh

Medical Researcher at Tomorrow Bio

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Other people at Tomorrow Bio

Ywe Jens Veenstra

Tomorrow Bio Medical Engineer, Development engineer at Amsterdam UMC

Sako Jola

Tomorrow Bio Medical Engineer

Thomas Smolak

Medical Engineering development & research project at Tomorrow Bio

Tomorrow Bio News

Emil Kendziorra explains how Tomorrow Biostasis will cryopreserve your body

Sifted - 02-Feb-2021

Good to have another cyronics provider in Europe

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