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Timothy Tucey

Microbiologist, with focus on nutrition and immunity.

My career spans multiple disciplines while maintaining a strong desire to improve people's lives through healthy ageing - from maintaining genome integrity while avoiding cancer, to optimizing immunity while avoiding chronic inflammation - with amalgamation of metabolism and fitness.

• Expertise in development, implementation, and troubleshooting of cell culture and live cell microscopy, incorporating a variety of molecular and cellular immunologic techniques (RNAseq, flow cytometry, ELISA)

• Project management skills with ability to establish global collaborations and coordinate research with cross-functional teams

• Communication skills with strong publication record and teaching of scientific topics to diverse audiences

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See also: Academia Monash University - Public Research university.

Timothy Tucey News

Telomerase “off” switch discovered; stops cells dividing indefinitely

Salk Institute - 19-Sep-2014

The study was published in the Genes and Development journal.