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Stephen B. Manuck

Distinguished University Professor at University of Pittsburgh and author

His primary scientific interests are in Internal medicine, Endocrinology, Developmental psychology, Blood pressure and Cognition. His study looks at the intersection of Internal medicine and topics like Cardiology with Vascular disease and Disease. His Endocrinology research is multidisciplinary, relying on both Imaging genetics, Tryptophan hydroxylase, Aggression and Brain mapping.

His Developmental psychology study combines topics in areas such as Arousal, Anxiety, Stressor, Clinical psychology and Functional magnetic resonance imaging. His Blood pressure research incorporates elements of Artery, Coronary arteries, Type A and Type B personality theory and Physiology. As a member of one scientific family, he mostly works in the field of Cognition, focusing on Psychometrics and, on occasion, Intelligence quotient, Multilevel model, Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, Personality and Preference.

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Stephen B. Manuck Creations

Behavior, Health, and Aging


Book that offers a stimulating array of multiple aspects of the aging process and of factors that affect it written by Stephen B. Manuck