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Southern Cryonics

Cryonics organisation, New South Wales

Southern Cryonics

The first cryonics facility in the Southern Hemisphere, opening in 2020

Cryonics is the best option left when medicine can no longer help.

Cryonics patients are stored at very low temperature until medical science advances enough to be able to heal them, however long that takes, and they can resume their lives.

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Details last updated 28-Feb-2020

People at Southern Cryonics

Peter Tsolakides

Founder, Director and Chairman, Southern Cryonics

Southern Cryonics News

First human cryogenically frozen in Australia, hoping for future revival

ABC News - 23-May-2024

Procedure involves cooling the body to -200°C and storing it in a special tank


First cryonics site in southern hemisphere set to 2020 completion

ABC News - 26-Feb-2020

With this new build, cryonics expected to become more mainstream in the future

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