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Sichuan University

Public research university.

As one of the few prestigious universities in China, Sichuan University is devoted to world-class teaching, learning, and research, and to serving as an innovation engine that propels China to a new stage of development. 

With 32 colleges and professional graduate schools covering 12 categories of disciplines, Sichuan University is the most comprehensive university in the country. Our over 4000 faculties graduated from world-class research universities give diverse and in-depth courses to our 40,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 graduate students, as well as over 2000 international students. 

Sichuan University faculties actively engage the global knowledge network and push the limits of human knowledge in new energy, human health, material science, arts, and more. The full-spectrum of disciplines within Sichuan University is comparatively advantageous to encourage researchers of different areas to collaborate for complex challenges.

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Details last updated 20-Mar-2020

People at Sichuan University

Yunfeng Lin

Professor of State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, Sichuan University

Yang Zhang

Professor in College of Life Sciences at Sichuan University.

Maling Gou

Fellow, Sichuan University

Sichuan University News

Variations in iron metabolism impact biological ageing at an epigenetic level

Live Forever Club - 11-Nov-2023

Offering insights into ageing processes and potential therapeutic targets


People who socialise more, live longer, especially helpful in old age

Independent - 08-Mar-2023

People are less likely to die the more often they socialise


Scientists built a functional human tendon using 3D cryobioprinting

3D Printing Industry - 07-Feb-2022

A breakthrough technique to print complex tissues that can be stored for later use


Low magnitude vibration to prevent/delay age-related bone loss in rats (LEAF) - 05-May-2021

Vibration treatment eliminates senescence of bone cells - may not be applicable to other tissues


AKG supplements prevent bone diseases in the old

Longevity Technology - 02-Dec-2020

AKG with antiaging benefits is now proved to counter osteoporosis in rodents


Researchers successfully 3D-printed human-like ears in mice

New Scientist - 05-Jun-2020

Can potentially repair damaged cartilage in other parts of the human body


Study reviews NMN as a therapy for NAD+ metabolism disorders

Fight Aging! - 29-May-2020

500 mg shown safe in clinical trials - lots more research underway


Your Pee May Reveal Your True Biological Age

Live Science - 27-Feb-2018

Natural chemical in urine appears in higher concentrations as we age. 8-oxoGsn is a byproduct of...