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Shorya Awtar

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University if Michigan and Founder at FlexDex Surgical.

My professional interests lie in the creation of new technologies via basic research and innovations in mechanical design, motion systems, mechatronics, and precision engineering.

I run the Precision Systems Design Lab (PSDL) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan (UMich). My basic research includes parallel kinematics, flexure mechanisms, structural dynamics and controls, and mechatronic systems. Applied projects include enhanced-dexterity minimally invasive surgical tools (resulting in the start-up FlexDex Surgical), nanopositioning systems for manufacturing and metrology (resulting in the start-up HiperNap LLC), high performance electromagnetic actuators, large stroke electrostatic actuators for MEMS switches and scanners, direct fuel injection systems for gasoline engines, Motion Sickness mitigation in Autonomous Vehicles, among others.

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See also: Company FlexDex Surgical - Minimally invasive surgery medical device technology that provides high dexterity.

Shorya Awtar News

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MIT Technology Review - 23-Feb-2017

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