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Scott Berkey

High Tech Executive Specialized in Engineering, Simulation and PLM Software, former CEO at Dassault Systemes.

An easy way to think of it is this: With SIMULIA, you can model and simulate what you can see – bridges, tires, toothbrushes, seat belts. With BIOVIA, you can model and simulate what you can’t see – molecules, chemical reactions, materials at the quantum level. Between the two of us, we offer a unique combination of technology to go from  10-9 (atoms) to 10+4 (cities) and everything in between – all based on science, physics, mechanics, chemistry, and quantum behavior. Academics today are using these techniques in research to both design real-world macroscopic objects the way we think of today, but to also design the very materials these objects are made of. This will become commonplace and offers us an opportunity to substantially expand the range of what is possible. These joint solutions are needed to solve the most difficult problems in energy sustainability, resource utilization, and urban planning.

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Scott Berkey News

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