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Santosh Helekar

Associate Professor at Houston Methodist Research Institute

Dr. Helekar's current research program focuses on the development and refinement of two new portable wearable noninvasive magnetic stimulation devices, namely an Oncomagnetic device (OMD) to treat glioblastoma and a neuromodulation device called Transcranial Rotating Permanent Magnet Stimulator (TRPMS) invented by him, the latter in collaboration with Dr. Henning Voss of WMC. Ongoing projects in his laboratory primarily involve studying the anticancer effects of OMD in cell culture, mouse models and human subjects. Other projects are focused on TRPMS stimulation using brain functional magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiological approaches for application in basic neuroscience research and neuromodulatory therapies in neurobehavioral disorders. He is also interested in developing devices and methods inspired by theoretical ideas to conduct research related to neural processes underlying consciousness.

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