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Sabine Hauert

Associate Professor at the University of Bristol

Dr. Sabine Hauert is Reader (Associate Professor) of Swarm Engineering at the University of Bristol in the UK. She received her M.Sc. (in 2006) and Ph.D. (in 2011) in Computer Science at EPFL, Switzerland. Her research focusses on making swarms for people, and across scales, from nanorobots for cancer treatment, to larger robots for environmental monitoring, or logistics. Profoundly cross-disciplinary, Sabine works between Engineering Mathematics, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, and Life Sciences. 

Sabine is also President and Co-founder of, and executive trustee of, two non-profits dedicated to connecting the robotics and AI communities to the public. As an expert in science communication with 10 years of experience, Sabine is often invited to discuss the future of robotics and AI, including in the journals Science and Nature, at the European Parliament, and at the Royal Society. Her work has been featured in mainstream media including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Economist, TEDx, WIRED, and New Scientist.

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See also: Academia University of Bristol - Leading UK university researching infection, human rights, climate change, and information security.

Sabine Hauert News

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