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Robotic surgical system.

ROSA® acts as a kind of “GPS” for the skull, and may be used for various types of cranial intervention requiring surgical planning based on pre-operative data, precise location of the patient’s anatomy and accurate positioning and handling of instruments.
The device assists the surgeon with a wide variety of medical indications and surgical interventions such as biopsies, electrode implantation for functional procedures (stimulation of the cerebral cortex, deep brain stimulation), open skull surgical procedures requiring a navigation device, endoscopic interventions and any other “key-hole” procedures.

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Robotic surgery system recalled due to software bug affecting instrument positioning

FierceBiotech - 01-Nov-2021

Only 3 reported incidents but risk of serious injury is high with platform designed for neurosurgery


Medtech wins FDA nod for ROSA spine robot

MassDevice - 06-Jan-2016

Designed for minimally invasive spinal surgeries. ROSA platform is shared with its brain system....