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Roey Tzezana

Futurist, Foresight Expert, Author & Public Speaker and a TEDx Lecturer.

I am a futurist, a Futures Studies researcher with a PhD in nano-technology, and an author. I enjoy delving into the mysteries of foresight, wild cards (black swans), and emerging and disruptive technologies. I have spoken to hundreds of conference audiences and appeared frequently on TV and radio to discuss for a wide range of listeners and viewers the fascinating study of the future of technology and society. My main concerns and interests lie in the future of education, work, biotechnology, crime and warfare. I have conducted research on these topics for various governmental ministries and international bodies.


Most recently, I have been lecturing for and providing consultation to entities worldwide including large companies and firms, the Lahav Management School at Tel Aviv University and other educational institutions, and as an invited keynote lecturer to innovation and global thinking workshops internationally.

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