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Robert McIntyre

CEO at Nectome Inc

Robert comes from a background of artificial intelligence at MIT, where he studied under Marvin Minsky and Patrick Winston. After completing an award winning master’s thesis on embodied cognition, he turned his sights to the problem of cognitive science. He realized that it would be incredibly hard to fully scan all the information in a human brain, especially the connectome, but he did realize that locking all the structures of the brain in place for long term storage might be possible, by marrying ideas from two schools of thought- some from the field of cryobiology, and others from the field of connectomics in neuroscience. After getting up to speed with the state of the art, he developed with other a novel way to preserve brains, and won a prize in 2016. Soon after, he started Nectome with Michael to further this research and help realize the potential created by a robust brain preservation technology.

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Details last updated 12-Mar-2020

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