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Rahim Rahimi

Assistant professor of materials engineering at Purdue University

Dr. Rahimi holds a Ph.D. degree (2017) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University, USA. His research has explored development of innovative, scalable, multifunctional, microsystem platforms for medical applications, with emphasis on smart wearable and autonomous devices for wound monitoring and therapy. His work has been featured in various news media, including Science Nation, Science360, The Computer World, and Science X. Dr. Rahimi has led research teams on multi-institutional research endeavors with a focus on developing scalable manufacturing processes of flexible electronic devices that can empower technologies for health-care and environmental monitoring. Dr. Rahimi’s current research focus is on convergence of advancements in functional polymers and electrical engineering for developing innovative tools and technologies that can be utilized in solving various obstacles in healthcare, agriculture, and the environment.

Postdoctoral fellows, graduate, and undergraduate students who are interested in performing cutting-edge research in such areas of interest are highly encouraged to contact Dr. Rahimi about research opportunities in his lab.

Rahim Rahimi News

Laser texturing technique makes metal surfaces bactericidal - 09-Apr-2020

Only works on metals that have antibacterial properties such as copper