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Quant Biomarkers

Development and application of human biomarker panels and biological age metrics

Data-driven financial and biotechnology company, specialized in quantitative assessment of human biomarkers, development of biomarker panels and biological age metrics, their application for investment de-risking, insurance and hedging objectives, development of structured financial products and analytics linked to human biomarkers and biological age.

The main goal of the company is to introduce biomarker-driven Longevity risks mitigation for a broad group of financial and healthcare-related entities. Founded in November 2021, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and branches in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ukraine.

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See also: Company Deep Knowledge Group - Venture capital fund that invests in life sciences, cancer research, age-related diseases and regenerative medicine.

Details last updated 14-Dec-2021

People at Quant Biomarkers

Sanja Tomovska

CEO Quant Biomarkers and Managing Partner Deep Knowledge Group

Quant Biomarkers News

Quant Biomarkers established to develop sophisticated analytical products

Quant Biomarkers - 10-Dec-2021

DKG subsidiary to introduce biomarker-driven Longevity risk mitigation and intervention support

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