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Practical Human Longevity

Online event focuses on market-ready technologies and approaches for Healthy Human Longevity with main speakers Dmitry Kaminskiy and Expert Longevity Practitioner Arkadi Prokopov, organized by Aging Analytics Agency. (FREE)


Episode 1 of the new series Practical Human Longevity focuses on market-ready technologies and approaches for Intermittent Hypoxia, Hyperoxia, and their relation to Mitochondrial Aging and Healthy Human Longevity.

During their discussion, Kaminskiy and Prokopov consider the pros and cons of different approaches within this general paradigm, and showcase the tangible results on health and performance that Kaminskiy has experienced since beginning to integrate these technologies into his daily Personal Longevity Regime, followed by a keynote lecture on the tangible links between intermittent hypoxia and hyperoxia and human aging and Longevity.

Quick Notes from the event - attended by Adrian Cull

Useful definitions:

hypoxia = deprivation of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level

hyperoxia = state in which oxygen supply is excessive

hyberbaric chamber = pressure vessel that can be pressurised significantly above atmospheric pressure

HBOT = Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy

IHHT = Intermittent Hypoxic-Hyperoxic Training

WHM = Wim Hof Method


Franco Cortese introduced talk

Dmitry Kaminskiy introduction: critics of HBOT publication mainly from theorectical researchers

Arkadi Prokopov introduction: has worked with intermittent hypoxic treatment (which is similar at biological level) for 30 years. HBOT is well established in clinics - but was lacking cellular level explanation.

DK and AP did a nice tag team discussion of the different oxygen therapies.

Aviv Scientific clinic video:

  • Increase pressure increased capacity of molecules that can go through lungs
  • Hypoxia triggers stem cells to divide, but don't want to suffocate people to trigger it!
  • Body doesn't sense absolute values.
  • HBOT generates fluctuations - rapid decline from extra oxygen to normal oxygen is interpreted by the body as hypoxia.
  • Increases blood flow in brain.
  • Showed increase in 20% of length of telomeres.
  • Reduces amount of senescent cells.

Comparative analysis


  • provided by Aviv Clinic
  • price = $50-100K for 3 month course
  • 100Ks of people have taken it -> good safety profile
  • has FDA approval for certain conditions


  • provided by Mitopro
  • price = $6-12K for 3 month course
  • super safe : > 3m treatments - practically no serious side effects registered
  • conventional treatment in Russia for range of treatments


  • $25/year mobile app
  • mild but measurable effect on the immune system
  • For good results need to practice couple of hours a day
  • difficult for older/unhealthy people to do

Presented interesting graphs from WHM sessions

  • Beginner's SPO2 drops to about 85-90% when breath held and heart rate increases.
  • Advanced practitioner's SPO2 drops to about 65-70% when breath held but heart rate anly rises a little.
  • DK shared his own session graph - good heart rate variation.
  • Hypoxic Training Index (HTI) based on oxygen concentration and heart rate.

Keynote Lecture by Dr. Arkadi Prokopo

More technical and thorough examination of HBOT research paper.

Starts at 00:44 of video.

Visit website:

See also: Company Aging Analytics Agency - Provider of industry analytics on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive Medicine and Economics of Aging.

Details last updated 16-Apr-2021

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Mentioned in this Resource

Arkadi Prokopov

Physician, author and expert in mitochondrial medicine.

Dmitry Kaminskiy

Managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures

Franco Cortese

Director at Aging Analytics Agency. Partner at Longevity Capital