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Biotechnology company to produce real human tissues

Poietis develops and produces customized human tissues using 4D bioprinting for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications as well as regenerative medicine. Poietis mission is to provide solutions leveraging a proprietary, innovative Next-Generation Bioprinting platform and bring Tissue Engineering therapies to patients.

The cinoany is a spin-off from INSERM and University of Bordeaux where Laser-Assisted Bioprinting Technology was initially developed.

Next-Generation Bioprinting (NGB) platform aims to give tissue engineers and researchers greater freedom in the choice of biomaterials and hydrogels and greater versatility in their research and development.

Poietis has been developing a therapeutic pipeline of several tissue products for wound healing and other applications.

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Details last updated 01-May-2022

People at Poietis

Bruno Brisson

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Poietis

Fabien Guillemot

Founder and CEO of Poietis

Poietis News

Poietis' bioprinting platform designs inexpensive human implants efficiently

Medical Expo (MedicalExpo) - 25-Apr-2022

Its automated 4D technology can manufacture different implantable tissues