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Peter Meijer

Data scientist, algorithm designer and image processing specialist

I am a researcher with a broad interest in mobile vision technologies, computer vision, neural networks, brain plasticity, modeling and simulation, sensory substitution, brain-computer interfaces, and disruptive technologies in general - especially in the area of healthcare. I much enjoy working with - and learning from - multidisciplinary research teams that are recognized global leaders in their respective fields.

I have done sputtering, vapor deposition, submicron photolithography and cryogenic work (Delft University, MSc Physics 1985). While at Philips Research (1985-2006) I developed new techniques for highly nonlinear multivariate modeling, including generalized dynamic neural networks (PhD 2006) for use in time and frequency domain, and developed a hot carrier simulator. At NXP Semiconductors (2006-2010) I worked on massively parallel image processing and on image enhancement algorithms for DTV.

At Hemics (2011-2018) I worked on classification and visualization of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, based on hemodynamic response modeling from diffuse optical transmission measurements. This work spans medical imaging, image processing, algorithm development, medical image analysis, machine learning and multivariate modeling. I developed and implemented the algorithms used in the Hemics HandScan medical device, and continue this line of work at Demcon Hemics (2018-present).

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