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Patrick Littlefield

Managing Director at Deloitte and former Director of VA Center for Innovation

Patrick is a seasoned Healthcare IT entrepreneur with over 20 years experience driving growth, building strong customer relationships, bringing products to market, and developing high performance teams. Patrick is the founder and former Chairman of WaveMark, Inc., a provider of real time application services to healthcare systems across the US and Europe and to global medical device manufacturers. Prior to WaveMark, Patrick worked in a variety of technology companies developing products for distributed sales forces and in the development of game based learning simulations.

Patrick is actively engaged in healthcare policy issues. He has a strong interest in new care delivery models and the use of technology to facilitate improved care coordination outside of the traditional venues of the hospital and physician's office. Patrick served as a member of the Massachusetts State Steering Committee for MOLST (Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment). Patrick received his PhD from Harvard University in 1989.

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