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Paradigm Wellness Medical Group

Experts in regenerative medicine and science.

Paradigm Wellness Medical Group is special and unique when compared with most doctor’s offices in the United States. What makes the team at Paradigm Wellness Medical Group stand out is their concept of “regenerative medicine.” We help you help your body get back into balance so it can perform optimally again. We help patients look and feel younger than their years, naturally and holistically.

We are experts in regenerative medicine and science. We specialize in the treatment of growth factors and application in aesthetics, sports injuries, wear and tear, arthritis, etc. So often we see patients who have developed lifestyle-induced symptoms and an imbalance that hinders their bodies’ full potential to thrive. Half of our patients indicate an interest in a growth factor procedure to help their bodies heal. Once they experience our full blend of lifestyle and regenerative medicine, they are often thrilled with the results.

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People at Paradigm Wellness Medical Group

Company Representative

Medical Advisory Board at HEMOTEK LLC and founder of Paradigm Wellness Medical Group.