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Pano Therapeutics

Addressing complex diseases of aging by targeting mitochondrial ion channels and transporters.

Pano aims to lead the way in the development of a unique research platform for the development of small molecule drugs targeting mitochondrial ion channels. Roughly 20% of all approved drugs interact with ion channels as their primary mechanism of action and roughly 70% of all drugs approved by the FDA in 2019 are small molecule drugs, so the uniqueness and vision of Pano’s platform is driven by its focus in the highly challenging mitochondrial environment.

Pano’s primary research focus comprises identification and characterization of mitochondrial ion channels as well as new molecular entities and natural compound formulations targeting these channels. We believe that significant additional mitochondrial ion channel drug targets still remain to be explored, and important drug candidates remain to be discovered. Pano’s platform technology is uniquely positioned to identify these targets.

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People at Pano Therapeutics

Company Representative

Co-founder and CEO of Pano Therapeutics

Company Representative

Founder and CSO at Pano Therapeutics.