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Nick Sinclair

Chief Executive Officer at Animal Biosciences

As the Chief Executive Officer, I am responsible for strategy and vision and operations management. With background in pharmaceutical manufacturing, data analytics and business consulting, I am an accomplished business leader across multiple industries.

Following a Bachelor of Applied Sciences, I started my career with Wyeth pharmaceuticals in QA, QC and laboratory information management. Translating my process development and data analytic skills, I moving into Banking in 2000, working with Australia's leading banks and insurance companies, including Westpac and Commonwealth and Zurich Financial Services. I held several roles including senior manager in operations and Executive manager in data analytics, working both on and offshore with business partners such as IBM and TATA consulting. As a partner of Pragmat Consulting, I moved between consulting roles and full time roles over almost 20 years in the banking industry.

Returning to my roots and passion for science, process development and manufacturing, I moved to Animal Biosciences in 2017 to drive our vision to be disruptors in the animal health industry, helping animals live healthier and longer lives.

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