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Neurotech Analytics

Leading neurotech-focused analytical hub producing advanced analytical reports on the whole scope of neurotech industries.

Neurotech Analytics is the world’s premier source of NeuroTech Industry Analytics, Forecasting and Benchmarking. It is the creation of Alon Braun from Riverbanks Solutions and Dmitry Kaminskiy from Deep Knowledge Group. is the central repository of market insights and analytics, and news for the NeuroTech space, including sectors, influencers,  investors, technologies, R&D centers, Hubs, companies, and trends.

Neurotech Industry is one of the most promising and perspective sectors of modern biotech in particular and exponential markets in general. Corporations, investors and other agents who will be able to utilize this growth and development will gain essential competitive advantages in their struggle for new markets, audiences, funding and technologies. Some of neurotech subsectors are already well-established, mature enough and can be seen as what may happen with the whole neurotech industry in the near future, whereas the others are emerging markets which consist of early-stage startups. Differentiation of the most perspective neurotech sectors is one of the most important goals for every player in the industry.

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