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Nature Electronics

Scientific journal covering all areas of electronics research.

Nature Electronics publishes both fundamental and applied research across all areas of electronics, from the study of novel phenomena and devices, to the design, construction and wider application of electronic circuits. It also covers commercial and industrial aspects of electronics research. The journal focuses on the development of technology and on understanding the impact such developments could have on society. Nature Electronics incorporates the research of scientists, engineers and industry, and provides comment, review and analysis of the key issues shaping the field and the key technologies reshaping society.

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Nature Electronics News

Detection and production of dopamine as a response mechanism by artificial neuron

Tech Xplore - 09-Aug-2022

Brain-machine interface that can communicate through chemically mediated signals


Stretchable bioelectronics with silver hydrogel composite

Medgadget - 15-Mar-2021

Electrically conductive, flexible hydrogels to open the door for wearable electronics and soft robots


Monitoring everyone's vital signs simultaneously

Kurzweil Network - 15-Dec-2017

RFID tags could be used to gather vital signs from multiple patients simultaneously. Low-cost m...