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Nature Ecology & Evolution

Journal providing information from ecological and evolutionary biology.

Nature Ecology & Evolution is interested in the full spectrum of ecological and evolutionary biology, encompassing approaches at the molecular, organismal, population, community and ecosystem levels, as well as relevant parts of the social sciences. Nature Ecology & Evolution provides a place where all researchers and policymakers interested in all aspects of life's diversity can come together to learn about the most accomplished and significant advances in the field and to discuss topical issues. An online-only monthly journal, our broad scope ensures that the research published reaches the widest possible audience of scientists.

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Nature Ecology & Evolution News

Longest-lived bats unveiled secrets to longer and healthier lives

Medical Xpress - 26-Aug-2021

Novel genes increase DNA repair and limit damage to slow down ageing process


Scientists sequence wild bats’ genes for long lifespan and cancer resistance - 12-Jun-2019

Novel molecular targets for future ageing intervention studies


Genes for longevity in Galápagos tortoises

Newsweek - 12-Sep-2018

All these genes couldn't save them from human hunters


Genes responsible for Galápagos Tortoise's longevity

Newsweek - 12-Sep-2018

All this to become the longest living beings on Earth and maybe more