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Morad K. Nakhleh

Lead Breath Biomarker Scientist at Owlstone Medical.

Owlstone Medical has developed a breathalyzer for disease. Our vision is to change the way we currently diagnose and monitor serious disease; we aim to be become the global leader in the non-invasive detection of cancer, infectious disease and inflammatory disease. Through early detection we have set ourselves a goal to save 100,000 lives and $1.5B in health care costs.

My main task, as part of the Clinical Science team, is to design, review and follow-up on the biomedical-translational phase of our studies. Our mission is to translate the R&D developments into operational, clinically-oriented systems and to put them to the test, under real-world conditions via multi-centered clinical trials.

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See also: Company Owlstone Medical - Company focused to development of non-invasive diagnostics for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Morad K. Nakhleh News

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