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Mirabai Vogt-James

Vice President Communications at Stand Up To Cancer and former Communications Director at UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center.

Through 13 years of communications experience in non-profit, academic, health science and business marketing environments, I have gained an extensive understanding of what it takes to execute successful comprehensive strategic communications programs. From high-level planning to detailed daily implementation, I enjoy and thrive on creating communications practices that accomplish and exceed goals.

I believe that an organization’s true brand identity most often lies in the hands of its stakeholders. While many strategies and tactics must coalesce to build and execute comprehensive communications programs, effectively identifying and engaging with target audiences is one of the key pillars of a successful strategy. Thoughtful storytelling tailored to audience interests can spark engagement and motivation while transparency and consistency builds trust. These beliefs serve as a foundation for my approach to strategy development.

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See also: Academia University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Public land-grant research university

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Articles written by Mirabai Vogt-James

Artificial Thymus to Create Cancer-Fighting Cells

UCLA - 10-Apr-2017

T-cells mature within this gland. People with some types of cancer are not getting the biologica...