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Ming Li

Research fellow at University of South Australia.

Dr Ming Li commenced with UniSA in March 2008 as a Research Fellow in chronic disease epidemiology. She was previously a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the George Institute of International Health of University of Sydney on a NHMRC post-doctoral fellowship. Her research focused on understanding the impact of social and environmental factors on health-related behaviours and health conditions such as overweight and obesity, metabolic disorders in children and adolescents in different cultures (developing and developed countries) in order to further develop targeted interventions. Sponsored by Wellcome Trust, she has worked as a chief investigator on a comprehensive assessment of overweight and obesity, social and environmental surroundings and lifestyle behaviours such as diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviours. She has established a clear picture of the association between the emerging health problem with health behaviours and the environment in adolescent in China. 

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See also: Academia University of South Australia (UniSA) - Public Research university.

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