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Mercy Virtual Care Center

World's First Facility Dedicated to Telehealth

Opened in October 2015, the Virtual Care Center is the first and only facility of its kind. The four-story, 125,000 square-foot building is the cornerstone of Mercy’s virtual care program, and serves as a nationally recognized center for developing and delivering telehealth.

Drawing from our deep experience – hundreds of years caring for patients, and 43 hospitals across five states – Mercy designed the Virtual Care Center to bring together the best minds to provide patient-centered care, advance technological innovations, and identify opportunities to make care more accessible, more affordable and more comprehensive.

Working in a continuum that is consistent with life, we collaborate with bedside clinicians, primary providers and specialists to maximize patient data in real time. Together, we are now able to diagnose and intervene earlier. And with our teams supplementing the work of local caregivers by providing skillful monitoring and management, we’re closing gaps between incidents. Mercy Virtual is changing lives – and the health care system.

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