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Marc Bailey

Chief Science, Research and Innovation Officer at Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Marc is a molecular biologist with a PhD in Pathology. Marc has had a varied career starting with academic research on infectious diseases before establishing a team developing physical standards for biotechnology at the National Physical Laboratory and then leading research into Digital Health for a multinational corporation. Marc joined the Agency in 2017 at the South Mimms Laboratory initially as a Head of Division and then as interim Director of NIBSC.

He is The Chief Scientific Officer leads the scientific, research and innovative work of the agency at MHRA.

An expert leader of research and development with excellent communication skills. He is passionate about developing solutions that will improve human lives, At NIBSC, MHRA I am interim Director of an Institute that develops standards and reference materials, performs quality control on biological medicines and performs research on Regulatory Science. At Nokia, he researched methods to improve the communication of health information (Digital and mobile Health), improve the analysis of human activity and develop new sensors for monitoring health. At NPL he worked on improving the performance of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic devices through developing new and improved standards. In my academic career he studied HIV and bacterial infections, identifying potential new drug targets.

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Marc Bailey News

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