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Maharaj Institute (MIIRM)

Maharaj Institute provides immune regenerative medicine for stem cell treatment and prevention

The Maharaj Institute is taking the lead in advancing Immune Regenerative Medicine by focusing on the effective use of stem cell treatment and preservation. The institute aims to restore health and optimize the effectiveness of the human immune system (the body’s natural defense system). Accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO), AABB (Advanced Transfusion and Cellular Therapies Worldwide), the institute serves as a trusted global leader in Regenerative Medicine. The institute is an ambulatory outpatient center registered with the FDA for HCT/PS. 

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Details last updated 17-Jul-2022

People at Maharaj Institute (MIIRM)

Dipnarine Maharaj

Medical Director at South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant

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