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Luke Hares

Technology Director at CMR Surgical.

Luke is a physicist with practical multidisciplinary engineering skills and, for the past 20 years, has been involved in the conception and development of many products and medical devices.  Luke was responsible for the Versius concept, created in response to the unmet need for a better way to perform laparoscopic surgery.

Before co-founding CMR he worked for product design companies in the UK and the US, where he worked on medical devices, robotics, ASIC developments and consumer products.

Luke believes the best devices are created by combining a detailed knowledge of the unmet needs of the users with the creative application of a broad knowledge of available technology. Regular contact and interaction with the users of the product is essential for this process.

Luke is responsible for leading the CMR technology team and has overall responsiblilty for the technology strategy of the company. He is accustomed to championing ideas, communicating technically complex ideas and designing and managing the development of complex systems.

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