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Lucy Therapeutics (LucyTx)

Mitochondrial-based small therapies

Lucy Therapeutics is a private female-founded biotech company based in Waltham, MA, focused on developing proprietary mitochondrial-based small molecule therapies and diagnostic biomarkers for the treatment of patients with complex diseases

Lucy Therapeutics is offering a differentiated and novel approach to drug discovery by drugging targets associated with early disease pathogenesis. LucyTx’s unique approach recognizes that improvement of mitochondrial function early in disease will lead to disease modification as opposed to late-stage symptomatic treatments being pursued by many others. Mitochondrial improvement effects multiple downstream effectors that are essential to disease initiation and progression.

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Details last updated 10-Jun-2024

Lucy Therapeutics (LucyTx) News

Lucy Therapeutics raises $12.5M to develop mitochondrial therapies

Longevity Technology - 31-May-2024

Company is developing therapies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Rett syndrome