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Linda Chamberlain

Co-founder and Special Projects Manager at Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Linda Chamberlain is one of the co-founders of Alcor (Alcor Life Extension Foundation) and served as its first CEO. She and her husband, Fred Chamberlain III, started Alcor in 1972. Fred, together with his father and Linda’s mother, are all currently cryopreserved at Alcor.

After Fred was cryopreserved in 2012, Linda decided to come out of retirement and returned to Alcor full time in 2016. She is currently engaged in two projects. One is the writing of the medical case report for each patient and the other is helping Alcor members set up funding trusts and revival trusts. It is Linda’s desire to be close to her family and do whatever she can to protect them and help bring them back into her life as soon as possible.

Linda has two published works on the subject of cryonics. The first, LifeQuest, compiled in the 1970s, contains short stories written by Linda, Fred and others about cryonics, mind cloning and other transhuman adventures. In the 1990s, Linda wrote a cryonics novel called Star Pebble, available on

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