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Unlock your hidden energy and tap into the secrets of peak performance, written by Nick Powell

Limitless Energy, Laser Focus and Peak Performance Limitless contains twelve strategies to enable you to biohack your way to exceptional performance. As well as getting to grips with sleep, diet, meditation and exercise you will learn about fasting, smart drugs, light therapy, Heart Rate Variability training, toxin exposure, cold therapy, ketogenic diets and time-efficient exercise. Each chapter references leading scientific research from some of the world’s best doctors and is packed with actionable advice, top tips and case studies.

When you read this book, you will understand:

• Why sleep quality is vital and how to dramatically improve it

• The power of light and why it’s critical to your energy and Performance

• How to manage your emotional state, remove stress and build resilience

• Which supplements and nootropics have the biggest impact on your energy, focus and performance

• How to hack your brain for better cognitive performance

Limitless breaks conventional wisdom to provide a holistic approach to massively increase your energy levels, enhance your focus, and boost your performance through hacking your own biology. Sit back, buckle up and keep an open mind, as Nick Powell shares tips, techniques and secrets previously reserved for his private clients.

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