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Leigh Breen

Professor of Translational Muscle Physiology at the University of Birmingham

Professor Leigh Breen is a leading expert in the field of skeletal muscle physiology and metabolism, with an international standing in this field of research. His research has focused on the regulatory mechanisms of human skeletal muscle remodeling, alongside translational in vitro cell approaches. By combining muscle biochemistry with stable isotope tracer techniques and comprehensive in vivo human physiology profiling, Professor Breen’s group have made important discoveries concerning the role of ageing, disease and inactivity on protein turnover and associated molecular signaling networks that underpin muscle health. Alongside this, research in his laboratory also focuses on the skeletal muscle adaptive response to nutrition and exercise in the context of sports nutrition, general health, and disease.

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See also: Academia University of Birmingham - Public research university located in Edgbaston, United Kingdom

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