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Joseph Wang

SAIC Endowed Chair, Director Center of Wearable Sensors, Distinguished Professor in Department for Nanoengineering at UCSD.

The research interests of Dr. Wang include the development of nanomotors and nanomachines, wearable chemical sensors, nanomaterials-based sensors, bioelectronics, electrochemical biosensors, biorecognition and clinical diagnostics, design and applications of nanowires, printable flexible devices, microfluidic (“Lab-on-Chip”) devices, trace metal stripping analysis, devices for environmental and security monitoring, microfabrication, biofuel cells, new surfaces for electroanalysis and electrocatalysis, sensor/recognition coatings, and remote sensing.

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See also: Academia University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - Public Research university.

Details last updated 09-Jun-2020

Joseph Wang News

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UC San Diego School of Medicine - 22-Sep-2022

Nanoparticles-modified microbots coated with neutrophil cell membranes-reduce inflammation in lungs


Tiny robots heal stomach ulcers in mice

New Scientist - 16-Aug-2017

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