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Jamie Dananberg

Chief Medical Officer at Unity Biotechnology.

Jamie joined UNITY because he believes medicines that impact senescence biology can improve the quality of human life. Before joining UNITY, Jamie served in several roles at Takeda Pharmaceuticals as Executive Vice President, including as Head, Cardiovascular and Metabolism Therapeutic Area, and as the Head of both the Therapeutic Areas Group and Experimental/Translational Medicine. Prior to joining Takeda, he served in a number of roles at Eli Lilly & Co., including as the Vice President for Translational Medicine and Tailored Therapeutics. Across these roles, Jamie has brought more than 70 programs from Discovery to Development, leading and supporting efforts through all phases, including the launches of 8 commercial products. Jamie is committed to translating cutting edge science into actual medicines that positively impact people. Prior to joining UNITY, Jamie practiced medicine in Endocrinology & Metabolism and ran a basic science laboratory at the University of Michigan.

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Jamie Dananberg News

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UNITY Biotechnology - 22-Jan-2019

Initial results must be promising to enrol more patients at highest dosage


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