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Investing in the age of longevity

London event organized by Master Investor bringing longevity scientists and inventors speaking about latest ageing related discoveries and investments


We are on the verge of a lifespan revolution. In the next 30 years, life expectancy is going to rise to between 110 and 120.

The nascent but rapidly growing longevity industry has the capacity to change forever how we live, and how (and when) we die. Crucially, it will also influence how we successfully invest for the future.

How can we as investors and advisors prosper in this new era of longevity?

Our one-day masterclass, Investing in the Age of Longevity, offers you the rare chance to be involved (and invested) in the birth of a new industry – arguably the greatest investment opportunity of all time.

A packed programme of presentations – all delivered by scientists and business leaders at the cutting edge of the field – ensures you’ll leave the event with valuable learning points to help build your longevity investment portfolio.

This event is part of Longevity Week, and speakers at this event are:

• Phil Newman

• Kristen Fortney

• Fiona Miller

• David Gill

• Dani Saurymper

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Details last updated 24-Oct-2022

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Dani Saurymper

Partner and Portfolio Manager at Pacific Asset Management

David Gill

Chief Financial Officer at Juvenescence

Fiona Miller

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO at quadraScope

Kristen Fortney

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at BioAge

Longevity Week 2022

14-Nov-2022 to 18-Nov-2022

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Phil Newman

CEO & Founder Longevity.Technology

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