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Medical device and biotechnology company with focus on regenerative cells

Founded in 2006, we are a Houston-headquartered, privately held company that was formed to innovate cell-based technologies for health care and life science research. The work of our scientists and doctors in the field of stem and regenerative cell research has enabled us to develop a regenerative cell therapy products platform for multiple potential applications. This work has yielded numerous peer-reviewed publications and studies on the use of autologous adult stem cells – those that are extracted from and reintroduced into the same person – to promote healing.

InGeneron is a cell therapy company that enables novel, evidence-based treatments designed to heal certain chronic conditions using a patient’s own regenerative cells processed at the bedside for same-day application. We produce a platform of medical devices that process adipose (body fat) tissue and rapidly and efficiently isolate adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) to be reintroduced into the patient.

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Details last updated 03-Jun-2022

People at InGeneron

Eckhard Alt

Executive Chairman of InGeneron, Inc. and Chair Sanford Health

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