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Ignasi Montero Serra

Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Queensland.

Ignasi Montero-Serra is an Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellow at the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab of the University of Queensland. He is interested in developing and applying quantitative tools understand the responses of marine ecosystems to multiple stressors to inform effective conservation plans. Currently, he is using spatially explicit ecosystem models to explore the role of local management actions in the resilience of coral reefs.

Ignasi received his PhD from the University of Barcelona in 2018. His recent work combined field surveys, population and spatial models, and principles of life-history theory to predict the dynamics of threatened Mediterranean gorgonians. Previously, Ignasi participated in several marine conservation projects on the Galapagos Islands during his undergraduate studies, and worked at The University of Bristol for his Master’s thesis evaluating the effects of recent climate change on European pelagic fish communities. His work has mostly focused on temperate marine ecosystems, but the methods he uses and develops are often applicable to a wider range of systems.

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