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iCarbonX (ICX)

Biotechnology company that builds a digital life ecosystem by combining consumer life data, the Internet and AI

iCarbonX is a technology company that is changing how people monitor and understand their health status and optimize their lives. We are building the platform and tools for digitizing, analyzing, and understanding life, and delivering intelligent products and applications—designed for every aspect and stage of life—to help everyone make smarter choices, every day.

We’re inspired by every life on this planet, and by a commitment to apply intelligence not just to data, but to the ethical use of that data. Our mission is to bring people together to improve the human condition. We believe we must go beyond genetics to help people understand not just who they are, but how they are. We’re answering the “how” by combining biological and behavioral data with artificial intelligence in a network where people can learn from their own experience and from others like them, creating a global map of human health across cultures and continents that delivers new information and new choices, for life.

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People at iCarbonX (ICX)

Jun Wang

Chinese scientist, founder and CEO of iCarbonX

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