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Human+ explores the timeless duality of mind and matter written by Martin Higgins

David yearns to change the world. But, he is only a struggling artist, struggling with his rent, drug addiction and -- amidst a storm of dark visions and precognitions -- insanity.

When reality finally collapses on the streets of New York, he enters the orbit of a shadowy network of revolutionaries, known only as The Company, lured by the promise of psychic self-mastery and the chance to achieve his deepest desires. David quickly finds himself a key player in a dizzying scramble for power where the stakes include the next crucial steps of humanity itself and, perhaps, his very soul.

Human+ explores the timeless duality of mind and matter in an era when cutting-edge science has come to echo ancient mysticism, and when emerging technology promises for the first time in history to put humans in charge of their own evolution -- for better or worse.

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