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Herbert Bonkovsky

Professor of Medicine and Molecular Medicine.

He is a tenured Professor of Medicine and Molecular Medicine & Translational Research and Director of Hepatology/Liver Service Line and The Liver and Metabolic Disorders Laboratory at Wake Forest School of Medicine. He also has academic appointments as visiting professor at Winston-Salem State University, Professor of Medicine at The University of CT Health Center, and Professor of Biology and Medicine at the University of North Carolina. He is known nationally and internationally as a clinical hepatologist, teacher, mentor, and clinical investigator. He is a valedictory graduate of Earlham College and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. My post-graduate training was at Duke University, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, The U.S. National Institutes of Health, Dartmouth Medical School, and Yale University. 

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See also: Academia Wake Forest School of Medicine - US Medical center.

Herbert Bonkovsky News

Green tea capsules left a patient needing an urgent liver transplant

BBC - 25-Oct-2018

Green tea supplements present a greater risk for people who are taking more concentrated extracts